Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Revenge from Corrections Department

Well after having a meeting and the powers that be acknowledged there was an issue with one of their staff and that they have pulled the staffer and are in the process of retraining them and after quite a bit of counselling I managed to get back on track for with my community service.

Still ringing in my ears is the comment from the staffer that as I had chosen to take the action I had, they would now have to decide what action they would take. I pretty much accepted this as a threat and thought that as she was no longer working on my case I could rest easy.

How wrong was I....

I fill in a log sheet each time I attend community service and my hours are recorded then sent to corrections to be taken off by sentence. So far we have calculated that I have 144 hours left. However a call to corrections has seen them bump this up to 148Hrs as they apparently decided after giving me 4 hours for meeting's and inductions (that they were very late for) they would revoke them and only award what time they should have taken to complete this process an not the time it actually took them.

Strangely they did not do the same for my wife...


  1. Andrew, where can you be reached?

  2. you can contact me by using my first name "andrew"
    and adding it to "@best.net.nz".