Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rot Repaired acording to Housing New Zealand

Earlier today an inspector from Spotless who are the contractors to Housing New Zealand some over to examine the work repair work to the window sill. I pointed out to him that the paint was cracked around where the bog/filler was put in and that the while paint has a brown stain in it from the rot underneath.

I also showed him the photos below in the previous post so he could see the extent of the rot.

His comments were pretty much the same as we have heard from almost every other builder and expert in that the internal walls need to be striped back in order to access the damage as it is likely the damage extends further than what can be seen and the window frames should be replaced as well as the windows as the aluminium frames were warped and this is what is causing them not to close and seal properly.

However after going away and talking to Housing New Zealand they consider the job to have been done and feel the rot has been repaired and have instructed him to do nothing further.

So in essence someone that sits behind a desk and is likely not to have any building qualifications has decided to ignore the recommendation of a professional and take shortcuts that not only could pose a health hazard but will in tile compromise the integrity of the building and diminish its value.

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