Monday, August 30, 2010

The ballance of law

It is pretty clear that in our view Housing New Zealand while in court and under oath made several statements that both mislead the Adjudicator and i would go as far as to claim they knowingly committed perjury and by the adjudicators orders their claims were a big part of the way the order was made.

  1. HNZ claimed we denied access to contractors.
    This is clearly not correct and can be backed up by a transcript where the contractor clearly states NO to the question of having been denied access.
  2. The windows and Rot have been repaired in all rooms.
    In the first hearing HNZ claimed that they had repaired all windows and rot even after seeing that there were still problems only a week prior to the hearing and taking photos of the problems. When I queried this HNZ clearly stated that the repairs were made prior to their last visit however their photos showed that the repairs were not done at all and even several months on they have still not been completed.
  3. Damage to Vehicles.
    A contractor working for HNZ damaged both vehicles by spilling cement on them from the roof. HNZ claimed that we never informed them of the damage to one of the vehicles despite having called the HNZ manager Robert Redford and telling him myself as well as calling the 0800 number and informing them.
These are only three of the instances to which there is substantial evidence to back up my claim however when the courts were contacted about the matter they informed me that if I wished to make a complaint regarding perjury against HNZ I would need to go to the police station.

After visiting the police station and spending some time there they refused to take the complaint stating that such a complaint would need to be handled by the courts directly.

This may sound like nit picking to some however the fact that officials working for a government agency and in a such a position with these responsibility begin to show signs of low morals even by just lying under oath there is a very serious chance for corruption in that sector.

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