Wednesday, September 1, 2010

90 Day Eviction Notice

Well it appears that we are to be evicted along with the likelihood of other action being taken.

Let me be quite clear that I have never hidden the fact that I have operated wireless network that provides broadband service to a community who's only other option for Internet is dial up. This business was created with the goal of attracting government funding and after this was lost due to the local council altering the plans for service the network was no longer viable. I however did not have heart to pull the plug on it and hoped that someday it would become viable.

We have on more than one occasion informed Housing New Zealand of this BUT due to our recent complaints HNZ decided to investigate and it appears have taken the entire network turnover as income ignoring the operational costs and are no claiming that we have undeclared income.

Based on this they have backdated our income related rent and sent us a demand for payment of around $81'000.00 as well as sending us a 90 day eviction notice.

To top this off I as informed today that the matter has been handed over to the crowns lawyers who will be contemplating the prosecution of both my wife and myself.

I have been in contact with various ministers and none of them seem to feel that there is anything they can do in relation to the repair of the property or the way that a government organisation seems to be swinging its might and using what ever means to cause as much stress as possibe to myself and my family.

At this stage I would say there is little left for me to do and although there may be some legal options the reality is that these cost money and contrary to what HNZ's claim is we do not have it. If we did we would have moved out long ago rather than having to live in a house full of problems that has had an adverse effect on our health.

Earlier tonight I came very close to suicide and this is not the first time whilst having to deal with these issues however I am mindful of the fact that even if i did this HNZ would still pursue my wife.


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