Thursday, December 2, 2010

HNZ Staff not being treated with respect?

Well how can HNZ staff expect to be treated with respect when they don't treat their tenants with respect. I am in two minds after reading this article outlining that HNZ has used "Bully Boy Tactics" on its staff but given that their staff have treated us in a less than reasonable manner over the years it comes as no surprise.

If the organisation is so inept then why are they not being held accountable to the public and why are they being given so many powers when it is very clear that these powers are often being misused,

This organisation seems to have forgotten what it was set up for and is being run by what I can only describe as power hungry little Hitlers. Yes HNZ I do know you are regularly checking these blogs and you did hear me right. It may also interest you to know there is a lot of international interest in the blog as well as many New Zealanders.

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    HNZC has got its own little dictatorship and illegally gagged the last whistleblower before duping the OAG. Carte, Heatley, Sneddon, McTurk. The rot just filters down to the poor tenant. Its easy to prey on tenants. They aren't rich or powerful, just what the bullies like when targeting victims for state sponsored bullying