Friday, November 26, 2010

Long Term Mould Problems

I have stated before in the blog that I suffer from depression and various other health issues and its all very well going to the doctor to get poked and prodded however there is only so much a doctor can do and test for.

Prior to moving in to the HNZ house we know for a fact that I did not suffer from depression or many of these other issues some of which have not been able to be checked out as I can not afford to run to the doctor every day.

During our 10 year stay in the HNZ house we know that I have been diagnosed with chronic depression, have had repetitive nose bleeds usually in the morning, fungal infections and man many other issues.

There now seems to be pretty conclusive evidence that mould can cause depression and many other problems.

The above link is only one of the many web sites that state this however even our own OSH documentation seems to back this up.

HNZ were alerted for these issues years ago but did nothing and from the information I have found it seems that the damage caused is not reversible. Thanks HNZ.

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