Monday, November 8, 2010

At least someone gets it

The new manager of Panmure branch so far seems to understand the problems and situation, I feel somewhat sorry for him as its pretty clear he has been dropped in the deep end and inherited a mess from his predecessor.

We had a short meeting with him last week and discussed moving out as well as several other matters including the new toilet that was installed by us. We have given HNZ the opportunity to reimburse us for half of this otherwise we would remove this.

Peter informed us at the time that after looking at our rental statement he believed we were in rental arrears and said that any reimbursement would be put toward any arrears. We agreed to this and he went away to look in to the matter.

On Saturday I received an Email from him stating that he had examined out rental account and we were in fact in credit for quite a reasonable amount and that although they would not change their position on the reimbursement for the toilet he offered to credit our account for an additional $200.00 as a token of good faith.

Tomorrow being the 9th November we have our first hearing in the district court over HNZ's breaches in the tenancy act and our other claims and given that HNZ have refused to provide information under the privacy act that would have been used to solidify the facts in court.

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