Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moving House

We have almost finished moving from the HNZ house to our private rental, finally by daily blood noses and headache seem to have stopped and there seems to be a dramatic improvement to the rest of the family even over such a short time. No more coughing and spluttering during the night. With all the furniture moved out its possible to see what we have been living with. Deep in the carpet is a white fungal growth under our bed in the master bedroom. The walls behind the furniture have quite a bit of mould on them and there is a distinctive damp smell in the house that was being absorbed by our clothing and furniture but how has nowhere to go and just lingers.

I invite anyone who is interested in seeing the condition of the house to contact me for a viewing, I have a journalist from a news paper meeting me at the house on Thursday evening however we will more than likely retain access to the house up until mid next week as there is some work to do outside with tidying up what we were told could not be stored under the house and disassembling the work bench and shelving in the garage.

It should be kept in mind that according the HNZ this house is fine given the age and character and our continued requests to get these matters resolved over 7 or so years were pretty much ignored. One of my only concerns at this stage however is what the long term health effect are going to be.

In order to gain access and look for yourself fire me a text to 021 212-9200 or phone me.


  1. I hope you invited both of your local MP's to see the house. Mind you it looks like they have been binded by HNZ and as typical Politicians "Running for Cover". Hey maybe Hone Harawira should come have a look, hes good for staying it straight as he sees it.

  2. THe MP's were invited however have not responded. The media has responded and have had a few people look at the house.

    We have also taken samples of the mold just in case we need to get them tested however this is not something I can afford to do.

    I strongly suspect one of them is definatly toxic mold.

    The new place is awsome and has made a significant impact on our health. I am not waking up in the morning with what feels like an elephant sitting on my chest and blood noses evry morning. Kids are not coughing and spluttering all night and none of us have been suffering from headaches for over a week.

    I bet that now we are out HNZ compleatly redecorate the house however in a statement in front of the courts and to us HNZ have stated that this house falls withihn their acceptable limits.

    I would like to see out tennancey manager move in there for a few months and see what we were living with.