Sunday, February 13, 2011

Equal Opportunities

Well there has been a few developments of late, however until we get to court I am a little reluctant to release some of the info as, although it's likely to be pretty embarrassing to HNZ I would rather not release it for HNZ to cook up an excuse for their actions.

However something that may interest the public is that it is a well known fact that we had tried to build a small business in order to try and get ourselves out of the hole we were in and into a self sufficient situation and that, as a result of a large council reneging on an agreement, we were left with a business that was not viable and was only just covering its costs.

We have also bore the brunt of some abusive trollers via this blog and been accused of all sorts of things, however the fact remains that out family is not well of and we are not making ends meet as we had hoped to after moving out of the substandard accomidation we've had, for the last 10 years, been forced to live in.

After we moved out, however, it appears that HNZ have now repaired the various issues we complained about and put a nice family into the house. They own a really flash late model holden and an exceptionally flash Harley Davidson.

Meanwhile we struggle to keep out heads above water. It looks like the boys will have to give up scouts as we are having problems even getting together enough money for their school stationary let alone other bills. Some may say how about getting child support and the other assistance, however have you ever tried getting this assistance when your already on the end of a government agenceis big stick.

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