Monday, February 14, 2011

Who not to vote for

Well after our dealings with government its pretty easy to make this decision, our local candidate is Jame-Lee Ross and last week my wife and I had the opportunity to have a brief encounter with him. He was on the street campaigning with Hon Maurice Williamson who we have also had discussions with about our HNZ issues and who undertook to assist us giving me his guarantees however shortly after his involvement we were hit with the investigation and eviction.

We put several questions to Mr Ross and to be honest he was pretty shifty then stated we could speak to him later when he was elected and had the power to do something.

Now I have lived in this area for most of my life and have never really followed the local politics other than had a few aquantances who have been involved over the years but all i can say is Why on Earth would we elect people who have no idea as to what it is like to be an average Kiwi?

My wifes first comment when we meet Mr Lee was that he came across as a silver spoon boy and a quick review of his acheivments as well as schooling seems to confirm these views. Holds a Pilots Licence, Went to Dilworth School...

Someone needs to make a rule that before you are allowed to represent New Zealand and its people you need to have at the very least rubbed shoulders with us and know what its like to be an average joe.

Who will we vote for? as yet I have not seen anyone who in our view would be suitable however so far the only people who have actually taken the time to review our situation and to even visit and make comment on the substandard house we were being forced to live in were Labour candidates.
In addition the only peope who seem to be asking and answering some of the hard questions again are Labour Candidiates.

An email that was sent to several National MP's seems to have just been ignored and a previous query to nationals minister of housing came back pretty much stating that he had spoken to HNZ and was happy with their response to questions regardless of us having provided evidence showing that their response was full of lies.

NOTE: I stand corrected. Dilworth is apparently not a silverspoon school and from what has been pointed out things have changed a lot over the years. Now apparently you have to come from a broken family or come from "struggle street" to attend.

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