Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Draging the chain

On the 8th my wife and I appeared in court on the charges laid by HNZ however we were unable to proceed again as HNZ had again failed to supply full disclosure as well as a statement of claim, witness list and other relevant information pertaining to the case.

I am no lawyer but one would think that a statement of claim would have been prepared well before any charges were laid as is the case with any other court matter. and that all of the evidence would have been provided to the defence.

After speaking with our lawyers it appears they were pretty shocked as to the delays and reluctance to provide the required information. In the meantime we are struggling to bet by and are in essence being held ransom by the actions of this government agency and its staff.

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  1. I am in a simular situation Im in Christchurch and my daughter and i have been informed that i now have to pay full market rent this week i have $81 dollars to live on i must pay power food and everything else that you need my daughters school is 12 Kms away and at 9 i feel to young to travel on her own HNZ Investiagative staff remind me of an outfit that were around a few years ago a law unto themselves ..In their words we dont need proof just a resonable suspision Its not fair we do our best and they play psycological warfare with your head oh yes they say i have a $12000 dollar arears of rent i only get $300 per week before rent and to fight them well they admitted they didnt give me a full interview in responce to their claims as a department they should be ashamed and be more sccountable for their actions and case managers should have a code of conduct and a way of tenants able to report bad behavoiur without fear of repocutions as most tenants are poor unable to defend themselves and wouldnt know where to turn to for help ....they prey on the weak and yes the biggest bunch of bullies in NZ jsut like the GESTAPO of nazi germany