Monday, June 27, 2011

I was shocked to see this.

It seems to me that these guys just dont get it, It is all well and good for the haves to pass judgement on the havenot's and to try and shove people in to their own little category but that is not the way the real world works.

I do not deny there are some instances where people are abusing the system but from what we have seen and experanced there are more HNZ and SOE workers who are milking the government not to mention contractors who seem to be charging and putting in claims for work that either has not been done correctly or charges that have been balooned and are unreasonably excessive.

How about HNZ fix its internal strcuture first and make sure your staff adhere to the correct process and proceedure then look at your tennants. A problem exists and unless you deal with that problem at the core you are wasting time and valued resources not to mention putting the New Zealand people who you are supposed to be serving under undue stress.

And before any HNZ Associate or employee tries to take a swipe about unfounded allegations as I have previously stated I have evidence that shows your processes have not been followed on more than one account not to mention the other evidence where your staff have breached their duties and made false claim (including in court and while under oath).

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