Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Drama

I have been trying to get a copy of the judges ruling and sentencing since the case ended however to no avail. From memory I received 200hrs community service and have to pay reparation to HNZ based on the total rent we would have paid as if we were not eligible for the rental assistance. In my case this is $20'000.00 and this had to be be paid at $50.00 per week. My wife received 150hrs of community service and has to pay 10'000.00 in reparation. We both went the same day and organised out community service then contacted the courts about how we pay the reparation, they stated that I have to pay $50.00 per charge per week making it a total of $400.00 per week and my wife has to pay $25.00 per charge being $100.00 per week. I informed them that was not what was stated in court however they said that the only way to remedy that was to go back to court and that those are the figures that were entered in to the system. At present my wife is working and I have lost the work coming in as I can no longer pass the security checks so paying that amount of money for us is not possible as well as the fact we have to feed and bring up 3 kids. After my conversation I sent a letter to the minister of the courts as in my view they had it wrong, I had requested the courts send us a copy of the judges decision but they have not done so. I received a nice letter stating that the minister would look in to it and last week we were contacted by the courts saying they had made an error. I requested written confirmation of this and both an apology as well as a copy of the judges decision. they have to date failed to supply this. So its OK for the courts to make these mistakes but when we the public make them we end up being crucified.

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