Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Appropriate Behavior by Corrections

Now do not get me wrong on this We have been found guilty and I have at present accepted that and we are serving our sentence. This is not an admition of guilt by us but acceptance of our situation.

The big however here is that the case has several large issues in the way it was presented and conducted and afterwards the processes that we had to go through resulting in a huge degree of undeserved stress and anxiety for not only myself but our whole family.

 Some of these matters were documented and handed up to the various relevant authorities and in one case we have received an apology for the huge mistake made. One of the complaints were toward the department of corrections who seem to have passed the complaint over to the person who the complaint was targeted at and yesterday I received a call demanding a meeting with her and she stated she wanted to write down exactly what I said.

She arrived where I was doing my community services then proceeded to grill me, several requests to for her to curb her attitude were ignored and she wrote on the paperwork what she wanted not what I was saying and refused to correct it.

I also was left with the feeling from comments that as I had chosen to exercise my right to lay the complaint I was going to be targeted and things were going to be made difficult for me. It sounded in all honesty like the person I was dealing with has some form of revenge planned.

SO in a nut shell, I complained to the minister, they handed the complaint to the department of corrections who then asked the person who the complaint was made about to investigate and clarify. A bit of a conflict of interests if you ask me and now i have to look forward to what for of revenge will be extracted.

The who saga left me is a real state yesterday resulting in the rest of the day having to deal with uncontrollable shaking and making an emergency doctors visit as I really did think something was going to pop.

Now to compact the issues there was another guy who had been waiting where I do my community service for the same person to meet him on site so he could begin with his sentence however much like when we had a meeting there she had forgotten that the meting was taking place and did not have the paperwork handy. Surely is people like this are not able to conduct their job in a professional manner they should not be working in such a position.

Mind you we are criminal's now so I am guessing we do not deserve any civilities.

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  1. the way the situation was handled by the department of corrections was both unfair and unprofessional. the justice system is corrupted by governmental fat cats. I hope the letter sent to the department as to mistreatment of this situation is rectified immediately.