Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Responsible Reporting by,.nz

So the question is does stuff check their facts and the validity of information? or more to the point do any of the larger media representatives. Earlier I took the opportunity to correct the reporter on a couple of things and after doing so rather than correct the information they continued on without alteration.

According to them they did not name us and therefore they can not be held liable for slander.

One would have thought that if you were aware that the information you posted was not correct your would have an obligation to correct that information regardless of if you named the person or not. Well not according to Danya Levy as she stated that if i have an issue with what was posted I needed to take this up with Housing New Zealand.

Now the error was not just incorrect based on my view but was also incorrect based on what was submitted to court. Is it the case that once you have been convicted of something you have no rights and the media can say whatever they like without checking its validity.

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