Wednesday, August 22, 2012 article.

Apparently according to Stuff the minister "Phil Heatly" announced that..

"More than 300 state housing tenants were evicted in the past year for lying about their circumstances, including one couple that ran an internet business from their property which turned over almost $400,000."

I can only assume the $400K he is referring to is actually $400K total turnover over about 8 Years and this also included loans and assistance from family. Now take in to account that the raw network operating expenses for that same period were $336K you are left with $64K and divide that by the 8 years.

Its not as clear cut as the minister would lead you to believe is it. But the fact that our defense team had a budget of around $1700.00 and the crown had an unlimited budget shows just how fair the system is.

I would love to be able to say more but due to new evidence that has just come up we are in the process of lodging an appeal.

According to the stuff reporter who i spoke to today this information was provided to the media in a press conference today.


  1. Hmm, I think that the issue here is undeclared. From what I have read in the rest of your blog you failed to declare. And from your blog you admit this. Is this not fraud?

  2. No, The action of fraud has to be intentional and in our case there was and has never been any intent. If we are going to go down that path then HNZ would be guilty of fraud themselves as.
    1. They informed us when we moved in to the house they would give us the option to buy the house.
    2. They misrepresented their investigation to the people they contacted.
    3. They claimed that the house has a market rent value of X when it clearly did not.
    I could go on however another issue is that "IN HINDSIGHT" when the figures were presented to me it appears we may have had income and this is based upon HNZ's figures that we now now were not correct and not prepared by an accountant.