Thursday, October 7, 2010

Intimidation and Persecution by representatives of a Government agency

Housing New Zealand tonight at around 10PM served us with documents with the effective statement that if we did not accept them an arrest warrant would be drawn up for us.

It is prety clear to us that Housing New Zealand want us out that that even the statements of witnesses who have been here and seen first hand the interaction have stated that Housing New Zealand really have it in for you.

We have been here for around 10 years and have been asking for the same repairs to be done for 7 years however instead of compleating these repairs the highly motivated government agencey has laid criminal charges against us on what can only be described as a poorly conducted and flawed income audit.

they have been informed that their information is not correct but continue to persue this matter via criminal action.

So much for getting a fair go in this country and being innocent until prooven guilty.

1 comment:

  1. Can only describe the actions of HNZ investigators as malicious and evil. Can't wait to see them spend eternity at the back of the queue on the other side.