Thursday, October 21, 2010

HNZ Boasting over 100 cases before the courts

A colleague of mine has watched the events unfold and had been contacted by investigators. He was a little alarmed given the comments of the investigator that seemed to him to be somewhat inappropriate given the situation. Out of concern he contacted HNZ investigation team and asked them a few questions but found himself dealing with overly paranoid people who were not very helpful at all. The manager kept stating the phone was quite hollow and that he thought the conversation was being recorded but the fact that my colleague was calling from a cell phone would have been the reason for this quality of the call. It was clear to my collegue that with the level of paranoia displayed they seemed to have something to hide.

The manager was also asked in relation to their investigations "Have you ever got it wrong" to which after a long period of silence he asked if that was a question. My colleague then said of course and its a fair question but the investigations manager refused to answer.

A recent publication put our by HNZ called Close to Home dated September 2010 has HNZ posting they have freed up 114 homes for needy families and indicating that there are over 100 cases before the courts. Given the actions that have been taken against us and the fact that we have never been given the opportunity to review any evidence, it appears to me that quite a number of them are likely to be an abuse of process. Given the fact that it appears tenants have no rights as well as many people who are in a position such as ours would be on very low income, this makes proving your innocence pretty darn awkward.

In New Zealand you are supposed to be Innocent until Proven Guilty and the benefit of the doubt must always go to the accused however HNZ do not seem to hold the same views. They act by throwing all they can at you then you and don't even provide the information to you that would allow you to challenge their findings.

Based on what is clearly an erroneous investigations we have been evicted, had our rental assessment revoked and backdated resulting in us owing HNZ a considerable amount over the last 7 or so years and are facing criminal charges. All this has happened before there have been any checks done on the information and before it gets heard by an impartial authority.

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