Monday, October 4, 2010

Human Rights - ICESCR - The obligation to protect housing rights includes:

From my previous posts it is quite clear we are getting a pretty raw deal and this morning after reading some of the information under the Human Rights Act and from

I gave the Human Rights Commission a call and layed a complaint however were told pretty much that there was nothing they could do for us and they have no jurisdiction.

This seems to me to be a bit of a contradiction as to what is published in Chapter13.
The obligation to protect housing rights includes:
The commitment by the State and its agencies to prevent the violation of any individual’s rights to housing. The State must provide access to judicial redress if these rights have been violated.
The State must ensure effective protective measures against forced evictions, racial or other discrimination, harassment, and the withdrawal of services.

But then as was pointed out by the person I was speaking to, I'm probably taking it out of context.

After a second discussion with these guys they inform me that this is an international treaty signed by NZ and that they have no powers to do anything about this. The conversation took place over some 50 minutes as was pointed out to the chap on the other end of the phone albeit in somewhat of a condescending manner.

He has made it very clear that these matters can only be heard in court and that this is the only avenue available for us. He also informed me that it is up to us in essence to prove out complaint. I agreed but also informed him that this is a double edged sword and that HNZ have not proven anything and only speculated and bullied us in to giving statements. Even what little information we have been provide with has not been corrected after we informed them that it was not correct.


  1. I have read everything you wrote and guess what! I checked your tenany tribunal order and your a dickhead. I even googled your name and checked out your business online, your family photos at Disneyland, your 4 wheel drive photos and yet you claim to have no money! Yeah right! All us poor people go to Disneyland and 4 wheel drives too! Who are you scamming! The tax payers who are paying for your lifestyle. Guess what I even found the report of you been had for fraud a few years ago. Why dont you give the house to the people who need it and do the world a favour and carry out your threat to top yourself! Housing NZ do not prosecute people for the fun of it ... unlike you they care about the way they use tax payers money!

    Get a life dickhead and

  2. Oh yeah forgot to mention ... go back to school and learn how to spell!!

  3. Not that I need to justify myself but my parents shouted us a trip to the US after having a pretty bad few years. The business you have found is a community wireless network and it the remnants of a failed council partnership to provide a community who has no broadband with broadband.

    And as for the four wheel driving we have not done that for over 3 years, when we were doing this we also volunteered with Civil Defence.
    Sounds to me like you work for the government.

    1. We are not on any benefit and not getting any tax concessions although we have recently found out that we should be claiming large concessions.

    2. We are in a HNZ house not because we want to be but because we have no other option and moved here from a very nice house under some very nasty circumstances.

    3. Our request to HNZ was to have a warm dry house to live in and not a shitbox. HNZ rather than fix the problem once and properly choose to cut corners with repairs resulting in an escalation of costs for contractors.

    So you tell me who is wasting the tax payers money?

    As for the business there are around 120 people currently using it, operations costs are just being covered and previously i was having to take on consultancy work so as to cover its costs.

    Yes I should pull the plug as its not a viable network but doing so will result in all 120 people no longer having broadband and having to revert back to dialup.

  4. It takes big man to make abusive anonymous comments.

  5. Haha anonymous, what are you 12? You go flaming and cussing at people because you think you know it all from google'ing them? It's funny because you're a complete idiot. How about YOU go back to school and learn to THINK. And maybe grow some balls while you're at it and post under some kind of name if you're going to flame a blog.

  6. No one wants an anonymous person flaming all over a blog. Why go look up a bunch of stuff about someone who's just willing to post about whats happening and then flame. If you've got nothing constructive to say, why say anything.

  7. Anonymous...we all believe in and respect our rights to freedom of speech, so fair enough you have taken the opportunity to share your thoughts.

    However...I found the way in which you have communicated your position highly offensive and disturbing. I am assuming you are a hard working individual, due to the strength of your outrage regarding the misuse of tax payers money...unfortunately, your aggressive and derogative approach does not demonstrate a professional or emtoionally intelligent person.

    For someone to encourage another to take their own life is appalling and disgusting! That comment in particular made me realize you have no credibility and do not deserve to have your comments respected or validated.

    The strength of your anger and comments makes me wonder what your own hidden agenda is in this issue?

    Andrew...I suspect you won't be the only person who experiences stressful relations with HNZ. I respect the way in which you have articulated your concerns and raised the profile of the challanges that families experience, particularly in the current economic environment.

    So many families who rely on HNZ have little opportunity to access effective mediums to share their good on you Andrew for championing and representing those who are unable to communicate their experiences with HNZ.

  8. well, some comments are better than none right?
    Wrong. Anonymous #1, your comments are better left in your head.

    It's clear that these account of issues are from Andrews point of view, he makes no attempt to hide it. Is it bias? single point of view? maybe.. It seems fairly unlikely that HNZ would ever comment on a blog, so that way it will remain. This is after all Andrews blog and wouldn't he want to share HIS point of view?

    He's approached it from a clearly documentary and well articulated angle. From someone who's been pissed on by the man time after time he's doing a decent job of not posting rage and defamation.

    It seems unlikely that Andrew will resolve his issues with HNZ, you can't win as an individual. We can only hope that by everyone sharing experiences publicly that people listen up in government. They need to enquire as to how the HNZ operation is being run, and deal with these issues... I hope it's not sold off before it's too late.

    If people like you would get on with your own life and stop dragging up other peoples past and using it to judge them today the world would be a better place.


  9. You've had it rough Andrew. But it gets really tough when your family gets involved as well.

    Not sure what I'd suggest. Government departments have bottomless pockets for litigation. Even if it is driven by one or two people for "personal" or "career" reasons, the faceless nature means once you are in the tumbler it is hard to get out.

    It's hard to fight when they can just arrest you. Have you talked to your MP? Politics or media can sometimes help in this situation.

  10. That dickwad anonymous sounds like Kane Patena the manager of HNZ Investigations Manukau. I bet you he kicked you out because you are white and have parents with money. The guy will kiss his fascist managers ass just to get his own rascist agenda through the psychopathic Corporation books. You can't beat a bunch of corrupt fascists with loads of black fraud money and an evil agenda that is never checked...