Thursday, October 7, 2010

Information Obtained by HNZ

We have fully fully co-operated with the HNZ investigator Ricardo Fyn as he seemed to want to ascertain a clear position on our elegability status and even seemed to be able to get backdated information out of our banks that even we are still unable to extract ourselves as the account holder (the power of a government department eh) may have something to do with him wearing a New Zealand Police Lanyard (holding his HNZ ID) around his neck in full view.

During the stress of the last four years we have neglected to keep good accounting records to table for his audit of income accessment hence NOT be able to refute their claims. We have been trying to get the bank details going back 4 years for our accountant to complete an audit of the books to provide HNZ.

We don’t mind being under the microscope but now the accessed $$ value of our alleged income over the last 3years since the last Audit is becoming  a major issue as how the heck can we pay the incorrectly accessed $81,000 in arrears let alone correct some of what must be very erroneous information he has come up with based upon $$ amounts of a bank statement without allocation to the costs of the business verses the pittance in drawings we have taken out.

Questions being:
-          Co-operation is a 2 way street, seems the only time we get to correct / refute incorrect information is during prosecution now.
-          How can every unallocated withdrawl from my business account or wifes bank account be ever be used as Personnal Drawings thus accessed as 100% Income.  
Hardly audited books but this enables HNZ to Labeled us as Fraud.
-          How and when can we get the same information for our accountant
-          The best government motivation is to Slap a big fine and then you refute it seems to be the norm BUT HNZ takes this one step further through intimidation of Sign our accessment and just pay us the money over time makes HNZ judge jury and persector in the same agency without providing the information. Power of the government.

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